Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Let's get started

So, it's been three months since we moved from extremely well organised Stockholm, down to chaotic Rome. Not only have we both experienced quite a cultural shock trying to settle in and understand how Romans actually cope with the lousy bureaucracy, crazy traffic and manana approach, but also in the meantime got pregnant and now we are expecting our first child a lovely baby boy.

I wonder how other expat women deal with the constant moving from one country to the other and how their children cope with the changing environment. Or do people don't really move that much? I have by now lived alreay in Warsaw, Poland, a couple of cities in Germany, then I moved to Stockholm, where I fell in love with the Swedish way of organisation and now after falling for that, we are placed in Rome. I guess we couldn't have experienced more of a change... unless we were sent to Africa I guess.

So, here we are... I hope other expat women will enjoy the stories from Rome and my constant comparisons to other countries.